2020 Teams Registration


Division 3

August 6, 7, 8, 9 Aout

2012D3, 2011D3, 2010D3, 2009D3, 200D3

Division 1 & 2

July 30-31 Juillet --  August 1, 2 Aout

09D1, 09D2, 08D1, 08D2, 07D1, 07D2, 06 D1, 06D2 

Division 1 & 2

August 13 au 16 Aout

13D1, 13D2, 12D1, 12D2, 11D1, 11D2, 10D1, 10D2



No More Gate fees. 

Many have asked and we listened.  From now on, the Montreal Meltdown will be open doors.


Please read carefully Registration


Send deposit - 800$ Canadian and postdated cheque and 1000$ Canadian dated April 1, 2020.  We accept email transfer payments to mtlmetro@aol.com

Send deposit - 500$ US and postdated cheque and 1000$ US dated April 1, 2020.

Total tournament fee is 1800$ Canadian or 1500$ US (taxes included, Receipt available upon request)

On this website, you will find the payment Credit Card option.  Note this method of payment is 50$ added in bank fees.

Make payment to MMHE (Montreal Metro Hockey Enterprises Inc.)

4924 Trepanier

Pierrefonds, Quebec


H9K 1J2

In the event postdated cheques do not clear by due date, deposit will be forfeited and spot released.

Deposits and payments when cleared are not refundable.

***Entrance fee is non-refundable once paid. The team at the tournament puts in considerable time & effort planning all particulars of a tournament including securing space, ordering trophies and much more. Extenuating circumstances outside our control which may affect our ability to run an event safely do not warrant a refund. This includes but is not limited to natural disasters of any kind.


Confirm via email (mtlmetro@aol.com) your hotel reservation. Revervations cannot be made via a travel agency. The team manager must call and reserve via the list posted on our website in the Hotel section.

Your team will only be considered registered upon payment of the deposit and postdated cheque along with a confirmed hotel reservation through one of our official hotels. However, the tournament has the right to refuse and will fully refund any team / organisations that they feel does not fit within its tournament standards.

Failure to complete the steps above within 10 days of inscription may cause a release of your spot.


At least 2 weeks prior to the event, please complete the ROSTER online via www.Kreezee.com  We will guide you and give you access.

By sending this entry form, the team manager on behalf of his team releases the Montreal Meltdown organizers and sponsors of the above named association, its official arena management and employees and all parties concerned with this event from any liability, injury or accident which may be occurred by any, player or team official participating in this event or traveling to and from this event.

In the case of an act-of-god drastic situation there will not be any refund.

Spaces for teams are unfortunately limited! Some divisions were filled quickly, so PLEASE try to book early to avoid disappointment.

Upon reception of your registration form, we will contact you with the preliminary preparation for a wonderful weekend with us. We will assist you in every possible way to make your stay with us an enjoyable one. Do not hesitate to contact us at mtlmetro@aol.com for any neccessary assistance.

D1 = Division 1 
D2 = Division 2 
D3 = Division 3 
Girls = 2009, 08, 07, 06, 05, U17 (2004/03/02)

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